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Resume Scribes is a premier career and employment services company providing complete job seeker and professional wellness care.  Whether it's resume writing, career coaching, job search planning or interview preparation, Resume Scribes' expertise and suite of next generation products and services are unmatched by any other company.  Resume Scribes offers "best in class" services that not only brings to life one's resume but offers a full-range of career coaching tools and assessments to make professionals the best they can be on paper and in the interview process. Resume Scribes also offers recruiting and staffing solutions in addition to a series of corporate services including our New on- boarding tool for human resource professional--Corporate Exit-Strategy Package; whereby client companies can lay-off or terminate their employees humanely by offering them a leg-up in their quest for new employment with our assistance.


Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy, Employee Premium Package

“We have earnestly designed an effective solution that demonstrates corporate sensitivity when it’s

time to say good-bye to an employee.” 

Resume Scribes is proud to offer our valued Client-Companies a sensitive, extraordinary and effective tool when circumstances dictate it is time to Lay-off, Terminate or say Goodbye to a Valued Employee.  Our Exit Strategy, Employee Premium Package not only is a generous and sensitive way to say good-bye in what can be a stressful and emotional situation for all involved.  Additionally, it also saves your company substantially on the bottom-line by assisting in getting your past employee back in the workforce as quickly as possible—while saving on costs associated with unemployment related fees, taxes, and charges. 

Your Wellness Program

Our Exit Strategy product is also a great addition to your Wellness Program and serves well as a Recruiting Tool for human resources professionals who are trying to attract top talent.  Our Exit Strategy, Employee Premium Package is a great way to demonstrate to potential talent that your organization cares about its people—whether they are coming are going. 

Employee Premium Package is designed to offer your departing employee a pathway and direction in their quest for a new and gainful employment opportunity.  The Employee Premium Package gives your departing employee a leg up in the job search competition, and a great chance to secure desirable employment in the near future. Your departing employee will receive a plethora of tools designed to make the transition and discovery of a new opportunity less stressful.  

Exit Strategy-Employee Premium Package:

  • Employment & Career Consultation
  • Resume Review Critique
  • Resume Rewrite/Edit/ Review in our award-winning proprietary style
  • General Cover Letter
  • (2) Specialty Letters
  • Mock Interview
  • Job Search Consultation
  • Job Search Strategy
  • RS2 Recruiting & Staffing
  •  (6) Weeks of Full-Support
  • (3) E-Books, Essentials to Getting the Job
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • 48-72 Hour Delivery