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Resume Scribes is a premier career and employment services company providing complete job seeker and professional wellness care.  Whether it's resume writing, career coaching, job search planning or interview preparation, Resume Scribes' expertise and suite of next generation products and services are unmatched by any other company.  Resume Scribes offers "best in class" services that not only brings to life one's resume but offers a full-range of career coaching tools and assessments to make professionals the best they can be on paper and in the interview process. Resume Scribes also offers recruiting and staffing solutions in addition to a series of corporate services including our New on- boarding tool for human resource professional--Corporate Exit-Strategy Package; whereby client companies can lay-off or terminate their employees humanely by offering them a leg-up in their quest for new employment with our assistance.


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Why Resume Scribes?

victor Williams

I always got the job.  People stood in wonder and amazement time and time again.
Someone eventually said, "Her resume' is pure gold."
Eventually I said, "No it is not!" "In fact, its as bad as everyone elses."
 From the top corporate offices all the way down, they look like text messages, unprofessionally writen
by people that work in the business world, in Global industries, including communications.
That's when I met Vicor Williams founder of Resume - Scribes.  That's when I redefined myself, my goals.
I am a gifted writer about to publish my first collection of prose stories.  I completely missed the value
of the ONE document that defined, WHO I WAS, professionally. BUT, I was not alone, seems that one piece of paper,
The resume', is the most overlooked ASSET, of who we are.

I am now the Director of Marketing at Resume-Scribes and I invite you all to reevaluate the thirty seconds any
hiring manager is going to give that ONE piece of paper that communicates everything about who you are, professionally.


JODIE MACGREGOR, Director of Marketing--Resume Scribes


S/He doesn't look like us

victor Williams

The very melting pot of cultures that makes America great and produces a continuous array of ideas and free thinking is also the same melting pot that good companies are made of.  The countless virtues of diversity, especially in hiring practices and the workforce are well chronicled; and in the immortal words of Mary Poppins, "never judge things by their appearance, even carpetbags.  I'm sure I never do."  In short, take the time to get to know someone different without the limiting burden of prejudgment, and you might just capture magic in a bottle.

Unlocking the hidden job market

victor Williams

Many professionals and job seekers are limiting their job search to those openings which are posted by a particular company.  Not a bad strategy in general; however, many experts believe that a staggering 75-80% of all jobs are never posted or advertised.  In order to unlock the door to the this hidden job market, professionals and job seekers should employ a proven and time tested method--NETWORKING.  Yes, it is still true that networking is the best way to unlock the door to this hidden market of employment opportunities.  Be active in your networking, both giving and receiving information, and where appropriate, make introductions.  Keep in mind that someone smart once said that "the opposite of networking, is NOT WORKING."


Look who's in charge...

victor Williams

Put the problem-child employee in charge

“His Insolence is more intolerable than all the princes in the land beside.” Henry VI Act 1

Firing, in many instances would be too dramatic, perhaps inappropriate with most problem-child employee; however, the initial visceral reaction is to throw in the towel and be done, be rid of the problem-child employee notwithstanding their potential or good that they do.  The better decision, assuming the problem-child employee provides some salutary benefits or redeeming qualities, is to find a way to effectively manage their behavior, and in so doing enhance your own management and conflict resolution skills.  The problem-child employee is crying out for attention, and in many instances negative attention.  

What can be done when the problem-child employee is a continuous source of distress and consternation?

Imbue the problem-child employee to buy into particular organizational initiatives and enlist their aid by putting them in charge of a process, project, team, etc., and watch them blossom and rise to the occasion with their new sense of worth and responsibility.