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Resume Scribes is a premier career and employment services company providing complete job seeker and professional wellness care.  Whether it's resume writing, career coaching, job search planning or interview preparation, Resume Scribes' expertise and suite of next generation products and services are unmatched by any other company.  Resume Scribes offers "best in class" services that not only brings to life one's resume but offers a full-range of career coaching tools and assessments to make professionals the best they can be on paper and in the interview process. Resume Scribes also offers recruiting and staffing solutions in addition to a series of corporate services including our New on- boarding tool for human resource professional--Corporate Exit-Strategy Package; whereby client companies can lay-off or terminate their employees humanely by offering them a leg-up in their quest for new employment with our assistance.

Great Negotiator, hmm?

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Great Negotiator, hmm?

victor Williams

Who among you believes or even better, states on their resume that they possess great negotiation skills?  If you do believe or have stated on your resume, be prepared to demonstrate it on an interview.  Discovering the answer to whether or not you possess negotiation skills is not ascertained in the form of a direct question, rather it is a “game changer” trait that is constantly on display by the interviewee.  It is a trait that impresses immensely and puts to rest needless questions about your abilities. 

Your negotiation skills will more than likely be challenged during the offer phase of the interview process.  For example, a potential employer may ask, “what are your salary expectations?” or “what will it take to get you to join our organization?”  If I hear another professional with purported negotiation skills respond, when asked the aforementioned, “What does the position pay?” or “I’m open to anything reasonable,” I am  going to scream of heart break.  This is your moment to shine and impress with your previously pronounced negotiation skills; moreover, an opportunity to show and prove, articulate your value, and your inestimable worth. 

Unless you are like the great Priceline negotiator, accompanied by Mr. Biggs, brush-up on your negotiating skills before you are asked the question of your salary expectations—particularly if you have a unique or “in demand” skill set that can be articulated quantitatively in dollars and cents.