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Resume Scribes is a premier career and employment services company providing complete job seeker and professional wellness care.  Whether it's resume writing, career coaching, job search planning or interview preparation, Resume Scribes' expertise and suite of next generation products and services are unmatched by any other company.  Resume Scribes offers "best in class" services that not only brings to life one's resume but offers a full-range of career coaching tools and assessments to make professionals the best they can be on paper and in the interview process. Resume Scribes also offers recruiting and staffing solutions in addition to a series of corporate services including our New on- boarding tool for human resource professional--Corporate Exit-Strategy Package; whereby client companies can lay-off or terminate their employees humanely by offering them a leg-up in their quest for new employment with our assistance.


RS Wellness

RS Wellness, today, tomorrow, forever.  

The Next Generation in Employment & Career Care designed to be with you every step of the way.

Resume Scribes' Wellness Program is our Next Generation Customer and Client-Care philosophy infused in all our products and services. It also gave rise to the development, design, and introduction of our new Job Seeker Employment & Career Wellness Suite; which provides end-to-end client-care the entire way. 

Aside from the technical expertise we provide our customers, our RS Wellness Program essentially ensures each of our customers is guided and directed in the manner of a Professional Coach; no matter what products and services you chose.  We look forward to delivering beyond expectations, each and every time. 

RS Wellness Program, begins with. . .


What better place to begin than with you.  We are interested in learning about who you are and where you desire to be professionally.  We ask the right questions, as well as  take an active role in discovering the full-range of your skill-set.  Tell us about you and we'll inspire, bring focus and direction to ensure your employment and career wellness.

Your Background

We are experts at drawing out your background:  Whether it is your skill-set, both tangible and intangible or education and training.   We look forward to not only learning about your background, but also assisting you in discovering what you can do with your background.



We make it our business to stay informed on all matters related to employment, jobs, and careers.   We also stay abreast of the latest trends and tools that assist job seekers and professionals in their employment and career strategy.  Rest assured, if we do not have the answers, we will be all to elated too research, analyze and deliver the answer to you--FREE of charge of course.  


Our overall tactical and winning strategy with each of our clients is to provide inspiration, focus and direction to their job search while we design custom and winning strategies that ensure your employment and career wellness.  


We literally follow you and your career long after our initial introduction.  As a standard operating procedure, we proactively follow-up with all our customers on a routine basis to discover what is going at your place of employment or to let you know about a job opportunity that matches your skill set.  We stay in touch to ensure your employment and career wellness.

How We do it

We have mastered the art of synthesizing precision, expertise, and care to ensure your employment and career wellness.  We take seriously our responsibility to do a good job for you and your career.  We take care to ensure that you are in excellent hands and the bosom of customer satisfaction.   We look forward to making your acquaintance and making you the very best at what you do and what you can be. 

Did you Know?

                   Does your resume look like you?

The value of your well-constructed and professional resume extends well beyond being a valuable marketing representation of yourself capable of opening the doors of opportunity.   Your resume has many salutary benefits, and most notably, should reflect who you are professionally.  Additional benefits include:

  • Self-esteem builder
  • Living reminder of what you have done and can do
  • Reminder of your Career Path
  • Tells your professional story
  • Source of Pride when you hand out to potential employers
  • Reminder of your worth in terms of salary
  • Should be posted similarly to a diploma or certification
  • Your go-to business suit when you need to impress

Our Promise to our Customers

A distinguishing feature, aside from our Employment & Career Wellness Suite, which separates us from the competition is our RS Wellness Program Standard-of-Care we provide our clients.  We take great pains to ensure your customer experience is the best in the industry.  We ensure your Employment & Career Wellness, each and everyday as your professional steward, adviser, and coach.  You can also count on:

  • Expertise & Custom Products
  • Follow-up & Checking In
  • Winning Solutions & Strategies
  • Integrity & Professionalism 
  • Employment & Career News/Articles/Trends
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed